Lam Dong is a province belonged to the central highland, with rich soil, suitable climatic conditions and with the altitude from 800 to 1600m. Since 1927, tea have been grown, processed and traded on a large scale. Tea industry has become one of the provincial main industries; Now Lam Dong is the province with largest concentration of tea garden in Vietnam, with total of tea area over 23.000 hectares, occupies 25% that of the whole country. Lam Dong tea products with their original flavor in highland region has made Vietnam tea products in the South of Vietnam capable of meeting the demand for consumption of high-quality products both in domestic and foreign markets for the part years .

Lam Dong tea Joint stock Company is one of the largest enterprises producing tea of Lam Dong province.

To be established in 1976 by state, on the basis of inheriting tea production units existed before 1975 and continued developing and expanding; the company specializes in growing, processing and trading in a variety of tea products.

In more than the past 30 years, the company has been experienced a lot of different management – organizational structures with different names

In July 2007, Lam Dong Tea Corporation converted to joint stock Company with the name Lam Dong Tea Joint Stock Company.

With the processing technology is completely mechanized, tea leaves supplied from the tea plantations of the company and partly selected from surrounding tea plantations with close control in order to insure food safety for processed products. Yearly the company has ability to supply 5000 tons of a variety of tea products including OTD black tea, CTC black tea green tea, and scented tea.

Lam Dong tea joint stock Company is capable of stably supplying domestic and foreign customers with tea products in all kinds, and is simultaneously competent to be a partner in development investment cooperation for businesses interested in trading tea products in Lam Dong. The company’s products have been exported to the markets of the countries in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Lam Dong tea joint stock Company is a member of Vietnam Tea association (VITAS) and is also a member of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).